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HAPI Advertising 101: Make the work memorable. Really, really memorable.

The average American consumer has seen, heard, been exposed to hundreds of ads by the time he or she reached the office this morning. Whether they aired on the morning news or morning radio; ran in the paper or on billboards; whether they were delivered via e-blasts, the Internet or a mobile device; ads are ubiquitous. They occupy every available street corner, column width, dead air space, pixel and mobile application to get your attention.

Here’s the (insert your marketing budget here) question. You’ve been exposed to potentially hundreds of ads this morning. Did you notice or remember any of them? Something must have stuck. Anything? Bueller…Bueller?

If your campaign isn’t creative, it’s invisible.

Creativity turns good marketing strategies into effective marketing strategies.

Interesting ideas and compelling creative executions elevate your advertising above the white noise. There is a direct link between creativity and advertising effectiveness. A 2010 study conducted by IPA and Thinkbox, in conjunction with the Gunn Report, found that “pound for pound, creativity makes ad campaigns more efficient.” Another study by AdAge, “Why Marketers Shouldn’t Always Blame the Media,” found that “advertising messages and the strategy behind them play at least as much a role in marketing success as the media plans that carry them.”

We’ve been fortunate enough to witness first-hand how creativity can make a real difference in our clients’ businesses. HAPI’s branding campaign for Rose & Crown led to a 300% increase in foot traffic at a time when other downtown restaurants were experiencing a decline in business. Our TV and radio campaign for AAA Arizona is raising measurable awareness for AAA Auto Insurance, and has pushed AAA Insurance into the top five “insurances of consideration” for people thinking about switching their insurance. Our Pet Telethon campaign and subsequent branding campaign for Arizona Humane Society has helped raise community support for the organization and distinguish its services from other Valley shelters.

People are naturally drawn to creativity.

Humans have a genuine curiosity about and appreciation for things that inspire them. That is why they visit museums and theatres and symphonies, and attend concerts and watch movies and read books. People will travel the globe to view a painting created with dots or a tower that leans or a stone wall that stretches on for hundreds of miles. Humans yearn to be stimulated intellectually and emotionally, a desire that is satisfied by observing other people’s unique take on the world. Creative advertising, like good art (but perhaps not as well as good art), is satisfying. It elicits a deeper and more powerful response in your consumers.

Advertising can even influence culture.

Creative advertising gives your campaign an edge, helping to increase awareness, sales and market share. The very best advertising transcends advertising itself and becomes a part of culture. “Just Do It” took Nike from an unknown athletic company to a leading athletic brand by positioning shoes as a lifestyle. “Got Milk” made drinking milk cool and led to a thousand knock-off Got Milk slogans still being used today: Got Cavities? Got Weeds? Got Insurance? Got an original idea? Apple’s advertising was successful by purposefully excluding mainstream America and focusing its advertising on “creative types,” a very niche group. Soon, mainstream moved over to join the hip “mac” crowd. Today pc users can be seen standing in line shoulder to shoulder with their mac counterparts, eagerly awaiting the latest Apple product offering. Creative advertising works.

In advertising, creativity counts.

Will people travel the world to see your advertising? Will it become a part of culture? Doubtful. However, creativity undeniably gives your marketing a much better shot at reaching its objectives and helping your business. Creativity adds that intangible and satisfying quality that engages consumers on a deeper level. Creativity shows extra effort. Consumers like extra effort. So resolve to being smart, efficient and creative. And may the next memorable ad you see be yours.

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