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HAPI develops zombie walk campaign for Downtown Phoenix Partnership.

HAPI recently completed a citywide advertising campaign to promote ZombieWalk 4.

DPP hired HAPI to create a compelling idea that would:

1) Leverage the growing popularity of zombie walks

2) Get people excited about dressing up as a zombie

3) Encourage them to take to the streets with their fellow zombies

HAPI delivered an all-out zombie apocalypse in the form of an integrated campaign that focused on downtown and included newsprint ads, digital billboards, kiosk posters, bar cards, internet videos and guerilla tactics.

Teaser Campaign: It’s important to get into the zombie mindset before any zombie walk.

ZombieWalk 4 Campaign: No question it was a fun photoshoot.

Funny Note on the Digital Billboards

One of the billboard companies refused to run the “head” concept. Apparently, severed zombie arms and legs aren’t as graphic as a severed zombie head. Explain that one.

Internet Videos: Zombies may be dead, but they are still human.

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