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HAPI launches new Pet Adoption Campaign for Arizona Humane Society.


HAPI recently developed a Pet Adoption campaign for Arizona Humane Society that consists of TV spots, billboards, online display ads, targeted door hangers and graphics for its online and social media channels. The campaign, Life Isn’t As Good Without Pets, demonstrates the transformational qualities of pets, and how their companionship leads to a more fulfilling life. If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, AHS can help.

INSIGHT: AHS is the leading destination for adoptions, easily outpacing the County, the big box chains and all other entities. Awareness of AHS’ adoption services is high. However…in 2012, only 23% of pet intakes were adopted at AHS.

STRATEGY: Get would-be owners excited at the prospect of adopting a pet while showing the benefits of adopting a pet at AHS. AHS offers a diversity of pets. All pets come pre-vaccinated and pre-spayed/pre-neutered. AHS also offers free microchipping for pets that are adopted before August 31.

CREATIVE PLATFORM: Life Isn’t As Good Without Pets

There is nothing really special about an old tennis ball, or a backseat window or a ball of yarn. That is until you pair it with a pet. Pets are magic. They can turn ordinary, everyday objects into wonderful new adventures.




Wiggly Toes


Behavior-targeted, animated online display ads:

Arizona Humane Society - Adopt Dog1 - MWSK

Arizona Humane Society - Adopt Cat - MWSK

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