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HAPI launches spay/neuter campaign for Arizona Humane Society.


  • Develop a direct response campaign that educates the public on the importance of spaying/neutering.


  • People don’t want to travel far to get their pets spayed / neutered
  • People perceive spaying / neutering as too expensive and therefore don’t bring their pets in
  • Arizona is in the midst of a pet overpopulation crisis, a direct result of pets that aren’t fixed
  • AHS takes in 121 homeless pets daily due to the pet overpopulation problem
  • Pet overpopulation causes injury, sickness and malnourishment in animals trying to survive on the streets

Creative Strategy:

  • Show the bigger picture consequences of not spaying or neutering your pet. This wasn’t a time to be clever or funny. This was a time to be honest.
  • The harsh realities of pet overpopulation are hidden from public view. However, if you spend a day down at one of AHS’ two shelters, you will witness just how sever the problem is. The heart wrenching (and unnecessary) conditions – injury, sickness, malnutrition – of homeless pets that AHS takes in on a daily basis (on average 121 pets per day) are a direct result of pets trying to survive on our streets. It’s a sickening sight. We wanted the public to see what we witnessed on our visits and what the compassionate people at the organization witness on a daily basis. The campaign focused on real homeless animals that arrived at the shelter. Many of the images we shot ended up being too graphic to show. The Valley Metro even rejected the artwork for the campaign, preventing us from running it on the light rail. What it hasn’t prevented is the debate the campaign is creating throughout the community.

Media Strategy:

  • Taking into account people don’t want to travel far to get their pet spayed or neutered and that cost was a perceived barrier, HAPI developed a geo-targeted, multi media campaign that targeted the zip codes and neighborhoods within a five-mile radius of AHS’ two shelters. All messaging has a call-to-action that drives people to a unique landing page, spayneutercoupon.org, where visitors can print out a coupon for 50% off a spay/neuter procedure. The campaign consists of billboards, TV, posters and door hangers.


  • The campaign just launched so we don’t have the final results yet. However, in the few days since the campaign launched KTAR, ABC15 and 3TV have picked up the story. 679 visitors (564 unique visitors) have visited the landing page and 229 people have clicked for the English coupon and 6 for the Spanish coupon, a 34% conversion rate!

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