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HAPI takes the Rose & Crown brand to the streets.

HAPI just completed a non-traditional, out-of-home campaign for Rose & Crown British Pub. The medium of choice? The London Bus, an authentic English (and Phoenix’s only) double-decker bus. Props to the client for the idea. The London Bus provided a brilliant out-of-home marketing opportunity that tied perfectly into the Rose & Crown brand.

The creative concept pays homage to the pint and the honesty that having a few pints brings you. Our objective was to take humor that has become a hallmark of the brand and use it to communicate the light-hearted, social atmosphere of Rose & Crown. The pub is a great gathering place where people have fun socializing over a pint or two.

Be on the lookout. The bus can be spotted around town delivering groups to their favorites watering holes.

Here are some close-up shots of the signage.

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