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HAPI wins 2011 National ADDY Award for its World Cup Beer Groupings newspaper print ad developed for Rose & Crown British Pub.

The road to winning a National ADDY is long.

Creative entries are first submitted and subsequently weeded out at local ADDY competitions. The winning local entries continue down the road to tougher District ADDY competitions where their numbers are reduced again. The surviving entries are forwarded the final National ADDY Awards competition where they compete against other finalists from around the nation. Of the approximately 60,000 entries that begin at local ADDY competitions, only about 1,200 make it to the national level. Less than that win gold. It’s hard to win a national ADDY and HAPI is proud to add a 2011 National ADDY trophy to its 2010 collection.

National awards are good for business. They help confirm that HAPI understands branding and what it takes to create effective advertising. HAPI can’t compete with larger agencies on capitalized billings or the square footage of its building or the number its employees. HAPI can compete where it counts: ideas. Every day HAPI strives to deliver high quality, results driven work to all its clients, from small businesses to large national corporations. It’s working. Clients and prospective clients feel good knowing they’ve discovered a little agency that can do big things for their brand.

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Congratulations, Jason! Great job!

Hugh Daley

May 12, 2011

Right On Jason! Congratulations!

Sam Esparza

May 12, 2011

Definitely a great idea. Would love to have seen the actual poster. Congrats on the huge win.


May 13, 2011

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