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Blog. We’d rather not.

Welcome to HAPI’s blog, one of millions of blogs cluttering the Internet. Blogging is like putting a bullhorn to your mouth and trying to yell over a stadium full of people all with bullhorns to their mouths. HAPI promises not to use this blog as a soap box, nor to use it as a forum to wax eloquent about ourselves. We refuse to be blog hogs. While we certainly aspire to contribute and circulate relevant information about our industry, this blog has a different calling. Blogs are incredibly fast ways to communicate information. The purpose of HAPI News! is to keep clients and prospective clients up to date on our business (advertising). HAPI News! is the logical place to publicize our most recent news and work until we’ve had a chance to upload it to our Website. We’ll do our best to keep the content focused and entertaining, and to spread the happiness where we can. And we promise not to yell. Have a great day!

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