Visit Mesa

Visit Mesa is the destination marketing organization (DMO) for City of Mesa. HAPI provides its full suite of services – strategy, media, creative, reporting – for the purpose of attracting visitors from around the US, Canada and Europe. Visit Mesa is incredibly pushy in a good way – challenging HAPI to utilize marketing dollars in new and inventive ways to bring the Mesa experience to people around the world. Our campaigns have distinct imagery you can only find in Mesa and highlight unique and “ownable” features such as the area’s rivers and lakes. We’ve developed everything from 360 immersive videos (an Esto award winner) to weather-triggered digital ads and helped create the world’s first autism-certified city. Visit Mesa is big on ideas. From the Expedia rep, “I don’t know who your agency is, but you have one of the best performing campaigns we’ve seen.”

Services Provided: Strategy, Messaging, Creative, Media, Reporting

Limitless Rewards

HAPI and Visit Mesa launched a revolutionary digital campaign utilizing 360° videos in a new and innovative way. The campaign served up banner ads that opened up to visually immersive Mesa experiences. We took the idea a step farther, embedding hotel coupon codes within the videos to reward viewers for looking around, helping to convert impressions into actual sales.

Hope you enjoyed that body of work.

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